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"Punk Rock Romance"*

THE DISTILLERS may have proven they can tough it in the punk rock boys  club, and the likes of Sleater-Kinney may consistently command respect in the underground, but there's still sadly a dearth of women in rock music. And what with mainstream punk being lightweight and somewhat stagnant, it's surely time for a much-needed dose of oestrogen into the mix. Judging by 'Punk Rock Romance', The Hissyfits might be just the band to swing a well-aimed stiletto nad-wards. Yes, this EP displays vague similarities to the good girl groups of yore - The Go-Go's, The Runaways - but touring like buggery on the Ladyfest and Warped jaunts has turned Holly Jacobs' in-vogue New Yorkers into a sharp, acid-tongued punk band with latent pop sensibilities. The Hissyfits rule. And not because they're girls, either - just because they do. KKKKK
*Review of songs from the new Can't Keep Waiting EP, (downloads available on Music page)

Reviews of Letters From Frank

the village voice The Hissyfits have a feminine sweetness with voice inflections that aren't so sweet, multipart female vocals that play off each other but come together for beautiful harmonies, rough fuzz from the guitar. The sensibility is sort of romance as something doomed and precious but enlivened by little flicks of the knife -- a good framework for music and its indefinite emotions...
      Village Voice
Coolgrrrls This whole album is nothing but Top Quality Rock and Roll.  For every riff of pop there's also growling bass lines and bone-rattling drums. The band bursts out with an energized sound that sledgehammers its way out of your speakers - causing you to pump your fist and sing along almost instantly.  This is the stuff I would recommend playing at very high volumes after a rough day...

These sunny rockers should provide the perfect summer-love soundtrack for the grrrl-friendly indie rock set [with their] bittersweet pop gems.  A fun mix of Bangles-sweet three-part vocal harmonies, psychedelic pop, and the electric crunch of the Foo Fighters or even the Ramones...

Lethal Injection

The Hissyfits throw all gimmicks and overdone styles right out the window and draw instead from indie-pop and stripped-down punk.  The Hissyfits’ invitation to “a hiss and a kiss” perfectly describes the deceptively sweet hooks that coat their sassy core.  Uniquely soft harmonic vocals that can only be on be accurately described as “completely mesmerizing”...
      Lethal Injection

Deep Fry Bonanza

The Hissyfits rock.  Every single track is a winner here.  If you dug Sleater-Kinney's All Hands On the Bad One, this is your album. It has that same post-Ramones popiness but much more distorted, angrier guitars, and the constant employment of beautiful three-part vocal harmonies makes you wonder if Brian Wilson is co-writing some of these gems...
     Deep Fry Bonanza

San Francisco Bay Guardian

With all its harmonic heartbreak and heartache, the first proper full-length from New York's latest buzz bandits, the Hissyfits, may be the most gripping and startlingly frank gone-wrong relationship album of the year...
      San Francisco Bay Guardian

Vinyl a go go

Twelve beautiful tracks of luscious, harmony drenched, sugary-yet acidic pop tunes...complete with glorious hooks that are guaranteed to keep you coming back day after day for one more hit, one more moment of bliss.  The Hissyfits are for fans of great songs, songs that will provide soundtracks to your lonely nights, tear-filled days, summery-blissful afternoons, and every other moment of your life...
     Vinyl A Go-Go


aversion.com With whip-smart power-pop with an unabashed love for rowdy guitars, the act’s latest album is anything but a nasty little tantrum: Loud guitars give the band an edge that’s not too far removed from the energy of punk or garage rock, though its guitar and bass sport juicy melodies while Princess’ cushy lead vocals, as well as her band mates’ sugary harmonies pump out pure, unfiltered pop...

You don’t need a Rock-O-Meter to divine that the Hissyfits are doing something right -- playing pop-punk like it’s supposed to be played – skimping on portions of neither.  Their punk side is all thrashing, mancingly dark energy, and their pop side is given over the perfect crafting of The Song.  These girls make [California's "pop-punk" prettyboys] look like Vince Van Patten...


With rock drums, distorted guitars, and lush pop harmonies, the New York-based Hissyfits are unafraid to show their rock and roll roots.  Their songs are ultra-catchy. 
All the members sing and when their voices intertwine and cascade, it's sheer, cathartic bliss...
      RockGrl Magazine


Perfect records stand up.  It’s been more than a month for the Hissyfits’ “Something Wrong,” and the record is still growing.  If they start with the Shangri-Las, they turn a corner with the Who and before you know it you haven’t heard them before. 
      Interview Magazine   Greil Marcus

columbia spectator

Tight-wound punk rock with a sweet melodic edge as performed by three hardcore women who can actually all sing on key.  The Hissyfits are like no band I've ever heard before; the closest thing I can think of is the first album by The Raincoats from way back in the early '80s, but this has far more punch...
      Columbia University Spectator


The Hissyfits write songs that have that summer-time girl group style with a good deal of punk push and occasional bitterness (i.e., early Slits, Brix's Adult Net).  They are the most pop band that I have seen in a long time while being decidedly ANTI-POP...
      Music Magazine


frazzle Frazzle
Mr. Rossy Mr. Rossy
neumu New York City's edgy pop-punk quartet The Hissyfits have changed their lineup and added a viola player since the release of their debut album, Letters From Frank, last July. But that doesn't mean the next album, due this fall, will find the all-women group abandoning its personal, true-to-life lyricism and bittersweet rock sound... neumu
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