The Hissyfits
Letters From Frank
Top Quality Rock And Roll
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These rockin grrrls' record label sure had the right idea when they decided to unleash Letters From Frank on the public. This whole album is nothing but Top Quality Rock And Roll...and anyone who even thinks of saying otherwise deserves a swift kick to the ribs and a sharp punch in the face.

Of course, that's not to say there isn't something very poppy about the Hissyfits' sound. A lot of the songs on here are very reminiscent of bands such as the Go-Gos or the Bangles – but for every riff of pop there's also growling bass lines and bone-rattling drums. The trio of Princess (who incidentally is also coolgrrrls resident literary grrrl) Fon-Lin and P-Girl burst out with an energized sound that sledgehammers it's way out of your speakers - causing you to pump your fist and sing along almost instantly. There's a definite anthem quality to the tracks on this record – from the minute Something Wrong wriggles into your ears until Today is the Day provides a reverberating finish that is filled with ear-splitting feedback and gentle harmonies. Come to think of it, just about every tune on here is kind of like that – rough around the edges but cushioned by the velvet touch of femininity.

This is the stuff I would recommend playing at very high volumes after a rough day – the ultimate compliment to your own personal Hissyfit. Or even better, pop it in the tape deck and use it as your driving soundtrack – because after a few rounds of these grrrls' guitar cacophony and haunting vocals you'll feel like you can take on just about anything.

--Special CoolGrrrl Correspondent Jenny Seay

the hissyfits just happen to be our current featured mp3 artist. soooo check um out!

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