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LAST WEEK'S MYSTERY BAND: "I've been correct about 10 straight weeks now," writes P Zanko. "I don't have the slightest idea who the band is, but I'd like to marry the drummer and have children with her. How do I find her?"
Well, Mr. Z, we are sorry to bust your streak. But you may point your browser (and that's the only thing you should point, young man!) to Hissyfits.com, because your true love is indeed a member of THE HISSYFITS. However, I must warn you: they are now my absolute favorite band, too. The New York trio proudly claim a "dark, driving, bittersweet sound," and offer "anthems for a new rock revolution." We're ready, baby! I mean, listen to "Something Wrong." It's just so right! Zanko and I may have to duel for the lady's honor.

-- Washington City Paper: "Spot the Drummer" feature
"If we had to list all the celebs, rock icons and music critics who love this power trio, we'd have to print the King James version of this review! Everyone from Joey Ramone to rock critic Greil Marcus (who did a bitchin' feature on The Hissyfits in September's Interview magazine) are head-over-heels for these balls-out chicks from The Big Apple. Influences by everything from Yo La Tengo to Blondie to the New York Dolls, The Hissyfits have forged a sound which led Mr. Marcus to call their "Something Wrong" "one of the perfect records." With major coverage in magazines as diverse as Glamour and Maximum Rock-n-Roll, The Hissyfits are quickly cultivating a national fan base. Hear what everyone's been talking about with "Something Wrong." "
-- Virtually Alternative
"The place was packed shoulder-to-shoulder with the young college journalists for The Hissyfits. Cute, young and pop/punk, the band has been paying its dues for a few years now and are considered by some to be a Next Big Thing. They've already picked up considerable cred backing up Ronnie Spector and earning her praise at a couple of gigs, and playing on some of the nights Joey Ramone assembles with young bands he takes an interest in. Vocally, they are more a descendant of the Bangles than the Go-Go's, and their voices go well together. The place cleared out somewhat after the Hissyfits..."
--U-TURN's CMJ FEST Review
"The Hissyfits are a power trio [that] sound like the Go-Go's possessed by the Foo Fighters, or some hard hybrid of the Bangles and the Ramones. They play catchy, hook-laden punk-pop that sails straight into your ear with harmonies in minor keys about love, sex, and longing. They're funny, passionate, and, of course, capable of some serious East Village-style irony. Raahr!
The breakout song on "Wish" is called "Something Wrong" and was recently lauded by Greil Marcus in Interview Magazine as a "perfect pop song"...I would also add that the song rawks with serious bad-ass style. It will be the kind of radio single that makes teenagers freak out and shriek along at their high school dances, or yell every single word at the top of their lungs as they cruise in their moms' station wagons all the way to Pizza Hut. "Something Wrong" is an intoxicating blend of angst and excitement, as obsessive and hormonal as the advice letters in Jane...Buy "Wish" and whip your head around to the beat."

--Girls On Music (Oxygen.com)
"My editor asked if I received the All Dolled Up 7" from the band The Hissyfits. "Hissyfits?!" I said to myself. "What kind of name is that?" Suffice to say, I found the single and gave it a listen. Within thirty seconds, this all-girl, sparkling pop-rock band changed my attitude from a "courtesy" listen to nothing but pleasure. Each highly anthemic song is filled with piles of deep, melodic harmonies, raucous guitars, and musical sensibility. The A-side, "Something Wrong," is the band's big rock, high production single that doesn't disappoint - a perfect candidate for your local commercial radio conglomerate. There are two b-sides, a different one in each pressing. Collect them all like Happy Meals! You won't regret it."
--SMUG, Vol. 5 #1
"Mesmerizing hooks and starry-night melodies will win over the most jaded listener on this amazing EP...both [versions] feature the A-side hit "Something Wrong", while the red vinyl B-side offers the hypnotic "In My Dreams", and the pink vinyl B-side closes with the ambitious "Decorate". Rich, dimensional songs that complement each other, like an aural day-dream fantasy...strong music and tight, flawless songwriting to completely lose yourself in. Easily one of my Top 5 EP's of last year and a must-have for all-time! (You'll love the inner sleeve design, too! Paper dolls of each band member with fashion accessories...this entire record is too cool!)"
--Music Page
"[This] is one of the most unique records to ever come out on Mutant Pop. These three women from NYC follow no established formulas, instead blending layered harmonies into complex songs that push the envelope... The A-side track, "Something Wrong," is a haunting, disturbing tune that skillfully uses the thick, lovely harmonies in a foreboding manner [and] "In My Dreams" is a quaint, gorgeous, succulent pure pop tune that counters the dark clouds of the A-side with bright sunshine."
--Top of the Pops!
"Snotty, brash garage rock with a new wave twist is the best way to describe this three-piece NYC trash rock outfit. Take a dash of the Go-Go's, a hint of early B-52's, and a smidgen of '78 Bowery punk a' la the Ramones and Blondie, and you've got one hell of a coktail (emphasis on both cock and tail!). With wonderful dual lead vocals, snarling guitar crunch, and a simple rhythm attack, the Hissyfits' sound reminds me of everything I loved about the early new wave sound, and all my favorite guilty pleasure bands like Missing Persons and the Cars. But there's no keyboards here, bucko, no way! "Something Wrong" is dark and brooding with tubular riffs and a pulsating beat, while "Decorate" just manages to soothe the listener with sugar-coated melodies before it rattles the brain with a fierce, punding guitar assault. But the real prize here is the beautiful pop chestnut "In My Dreams," a simple, sweet little love song that wins you over on cuteness level alone."
--Pop Smear
"Strong, perky pop with a good producer. I guarantee that the chorus on the A side will stick in your head for a spell. Some of the bass lines sound like the Misfits. At 33 1/3 it all sounds like Samhain."
--Muddle, Issue #15/16
"Rock solid pop rock with female harmonies. The Hissyfits are a three piece but they sure get a big sound out of their guitar, bass and drum kit. The A-side, "Something Wrong," has a booming bottom that reminds me of some songs by the Move, "Do Ya," etc. The flip, "In My Dreams," is in a similar vein as the Gloo Girls but more ballsy."
"This seven-inch from New York's nuevo-wave female punk trio The Hissyfits is sexy and glam without becoming trashy or even gender specific. Singer/guitarist Princess, bassist Suzi Blade and drummer P-Girl seem like should-be comic book heroes or guests on a very special punk episode of "The Powerpuff Girls," and their harmonious backup vocals effortlessly interlace, sounding more like a dream-pop product such as Velour 100 or certain Lush than ball-breakers Bikini Kill or Tribe 8. All Dolled Up is the first release by a female band on Mutant Pop, and the restrained aggression of "Decorate" is much more on the cloud side, especially vocally, than the punch self-destruction of "Something Wrong." "In My Dreams," from the second version of All Dolled Up, and "Wish," off Remedial Records' Girl Crazy compilation, are the love songs usually unreserved for punk rock, but add to the sweetening (not silliness) of it without compromising the mandatory rage."
--Unclezine, Reviews
"This is the first Mutant Pop single by a so-called "girl band." It's a mind-bogglingly good slab of wax...resonating with female voices piling deep harmonies over the contrasting abrasiveness of distorted guitars. I'm just so happy that the first MP record with female vox is a crushing 420-foot homerun. It's perfect, I think. The Hissyfits are yet another outstanding poppy punk band from New York City... This is their first EP. They're gonna be around."
--T. Chandler, Mutant Pop

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