The Music Box, April 2002
SXSW 2002: Live from Austin
Written by T.J. Simon

The Hissyfits at
The Red Eyed Fly
March 13, 2002

Does the idea of a band that combines the sounds of The Go-Go's and The Strokes sound good to you? Me neither, but somehow New York City group The Hissyfits makes it work. Shrieking guitars, pounding drums, and rockin' viola (go figure) provide the backdrop for little girl harmonies over a New York sneer. Black leather, fishnet stockings, tattoos, and smeared eye shadow set the scene for this hard driving set that recalled the sound of Veruca Salt. These four ladies are the kind of girls that your mama warned you about. Princess, Hallie Bullitt, Ren, and Sivan set the room on fire as they ripped through girly punk rock songs from last year's likable Letters From Frank (***1/2)...the show was superb.