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PrincessGuitarist and lead vocalist Holly Jacobs dreamed of rockin' out ever since she was a little grrrl singing along to her big sister's Kiss records on her front porch in Philadelphia. Still feeling the urge years later, she snagged her ex's under-used guitar, wandered around Europe for a while, then moved to New York City and founded The Hissyfits. She loves anything that glitters, girl bands who rock, nerdy boy bands, touring, traditional tattoos, religious icon art, philosophy, Spanish, and spicy vegetarian food!

She's not so crazy about commercials with talking animals, pre-fab singing groups, smelly cabbies, and trying to move her amp. Her favorite music is Late 80s depressing New-Wave, Early 90s Brit-Pop, Kurt & Courtney, Yo La Tengo, any band with Kim Deal, Pinkerton-era Weezer, Sleater-Kinney, That Dog, BRMC, the entire Trainspotting soundtrack and Peaches. Currently wearing out the new Bluebird, Interpol and Division of Laura Lee CDs.

If the whole band thing doesn't work out, this typical Libra plans to move somewhere with mountains and fresh air and do yoga all day. [Holly is also Literary Editor at Coolgrrrls.com. Be sure to check it out...]

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