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While her punctured heart bleeds down her shredded sleeves, Luxx*Lisbon's despairing melodies somehow find harmony in sordid topics and seething tones.

In her previous life, Lisbon's evil twin led pop-powered punks The Hissyfits, who earned rave reviews for their debut album, a "blissful mix of bittersweet harmonies floating over dark, driving distortion."

Said one critic, "With all its harmonic heartbreak and heartache, The Hissyfits' Letters From Frank may be the most gripping and startlingly frank gone-wrong relationship album of the year."

Taking the best elements from her initial foray, while exploring some new instrumental terrain, Lisbon plaintively sets out on her new adventure.

Her first single, "Cruelest Cut", is an elegy to the recent painful passing of venerated musician Elliott Smith and to the depression he was widely rumored to have suffered. Her own torment with life-long manic-depression is manifested here, making this song all the more poignant.

The Hissyfits' "Wasted", a pained and angry anthem underscoring the implosion of a previous Hissyfits incarnation, echoes the themes of sorrow and the squandering of creative endowment before its time.

Due to the delayed release of the Hissyfits EP Can't Keep Waiting, Shifty Disco's U.K. offering of "Wasted" was a first listen to the band's last line-up who, fittingly, detonated on a New York City stage not long ago.

Songs from Can't Keep Waiting are now available for free download at And peek inside the sequel, "Cruelest Cut" ... inspired by a true story.

Guest Rockers on "Cruelest Cut":
Drums: Martin Bjerregaard (The Saints)
Bass: Adam Lasus (Miracle Legion)
Casio: Jason Glastetter (Poingly)

Guitars and Vocals on "Wasted" and "Cruelest Cut":  Holly Jacobs

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